Yuuki URYU, Photography Artist (Outline in English)


Yuuki URYU is an Photographer, live & works in Sapporo,Hokkaido at northern country in Japan.

I hope to creating works, that’s conceptuality & innovetive photographies,words,and more.
Now,I’m bring to you for my works & activities on this website.
I’m waiting for your message with feedback,comment,and more.

| Biography
| What I Do

  • Yuuki URYU
    Born in Nagano City,Japan.
    Join the photography club in junior-high school age, and learning for black-and-white photography method.
    First solo exhibition in sep.2001. after then, I’m showing works on solo exhibition in a time of every year, and also join the groupshow.

    “Rokka-File” 4th competition awarded (by Rokkatei – the Famous Confectionary of Hokkaido)
    “Sapporo Art Stage 2005 – ART TRAIN” Semi-finalist (Exhibition at Sapporo’s subway trains)
    The North Finder(Association for Photography Promotion in Hokkaido) (2016.4-)

  • Yuuki URYU is an Photography Artist, Designer, and Creator for Urban promotions.
    I am showing solo exhibition in about once on a year. and then, I am join for groupshows, featured exhibitions.
    My latest informations, from Twitter and Facebook page. Please follow and join me.
    [twitter] @yuukiuryu ( https://twitter.com/yuukiuryu/ )
    [Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/yuukiuryuphoto/
    [Instagram] http://www.instagram.com/yuukiuryu/

| Latest Works
*Works are also showing at “portfolio” pages. please visit.