[Important Notice] The exhibition closed earlier
As already reported, infectious disease of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pneumonia is expanding in Japan and Hokkaido.
To prevent this, the public education facilities in Hokkaido (Art museums, Libraries, etc.) will be temporary closed from February 29 (Sat).
Along with this, The exhibition “Cabinet of Curiosities : 151 Years of Hokkaido History” currently exhibited at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, will be extremely difficult to resume during the exhibition period until March 15 (Sun) It became a situation.
I think that it is a decision to protect your health and safety as a public facility, but we have created an exhibition created with 5 artists and curators, who have lent valuable historical works and cultural assets Also, the first exhibition at this museum, which I longed for, was virtually closed in the middle of the exhibition due to social circumstances, and I am really filled with regrets.
I apologized in an inconvinience caused, and thank you for your understanding.
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Yuuki URYU will be exhibiting at the “Cabinet of Curiosities” which will be held from January 25, 2020 at the Museum of Modern Art, Hokkaido. It was my first exhibition of works at this museum, one of biggest art museum in Hokkaido.

It marked 150 years since one island in the north of the Japanese archipelago was named Hokkaido.In its history, what kind of activities have people living in Hokkaido done and what have they created?
This exhibition covers five genres from the history of “150 years + 1 year” in Hokkaido: Hokkaido, Academics, Coal mines, Railways, and Festivals, and was born in this 150 years in each field. In addition to displaying the actual items from the collection of museums, libraries, etc. in Hokkaido, five artists who are currently living and creating their works here will express the present and future of these five genres, and It is the one to watch “151 years”.
In the early winter, I traveled around the entire road by train for a week. From this trip, I will make a work and see it from everyone.
From the middle to the early modern era, in Europe, “Wunderkammer” (the room of wonder) was in vogue. It is said to be the prototype of the museum, which has been collected from all over the world as international exchange began to progress.The items that line up with “Wunderkammer” made in this museum are the items that talk about the 150 years of modern Hokkaido, but it is not only that, but now and the future are also shown together, and the unprecedented “room” is about to be completed.
The 150 years may be just a small amount compared to the time that the people who have lived here and here have accumulated. I am also one of the others who came from outside the Hokkaido. However, as a person who has a connection and is currently making works here, as an opportunity to realize the exhibition in this museum, which is one of the venues of the long-cherished, as a person who has continued the creative activities on the theme of railways and travel, in the harsh environment of the north, various Even in a difficult situation, the train runs on the timetable today, and there is a scene that people can’t see if they don’t go there. I hope you will see the present as an extension of the history of 140 years (2020 is the 140th anniversary of the opening of Hokkaido’s railways).
By the way, the main visual of the poster and flyer of this exhibition was designed by Ms. Erika KUSUMI, Sapporo based photography artist. Flyers are now available, so please take them home if you see them.

Cabinet of Curiosities : 151 Years of Hokkaido History
[Artists] Masashi OTOMO, Shinji KOMIYA, Keitaro OSHIMA, row&row, Yuuki URYU
[Date] Sat. 25 Jan.-Sun. 15 Mar. 2020 *Closed earlier due to prevention infectious disease of novel coronavirus(COVID-19)
Close on Monday (Without 24 Feb./Close on Next Tuesday,25 Feb.)
[Time] 9:30-17:00 (Admission until 16:30)
[Venue] Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
North 1 West 17, Chuo-ku, City of Sapporo, Hokkaido
[Admission Fee] Ordinary: 800 (600) Yen / University & High School Students: 400 (300) Yen / Jr.High & Elementary School Students: 200 (100) Yen
( ) is Advanced Ticket (from museum tickets booth until before opening day) & Repeater’s discount (with visitors copy of ticket).

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