As already reported, infectious disease of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pneumonia is expanding in Japan and Hokkaido.
To prevent this, Hokkaido Goverment has issued an “Emergency Declaration”, and the public education facilities in Hokkaido (Art museums, Libraries, etc.) will be closed from February 29 (Sat) to March 31 (Tue).
Along with this, The exhibition “Cabinet of Curiosities : 151 Years of Hokkaido History” currently exhibited at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, will be extremely difficult to resume during the exhibition period until March 31 (Tue) It became a situation.
I think that it is a decision to protect your health and safety as a public facility, but we have created an exhibition created with 5 artists and curators, who have lent valuable historical works and cultural assets Also, the first exhibition at this museum, which I longed for, was virtually closed in the middle of the exhibition due to social circumstances, and I am really filled with regrets.
I apologized in an inconvinience caused, and thank you for your understanding.

The works of URYU’s exhibition were scheduled to be released on my website after the original exhibition period, but it will be posted as soon as possible with the video of the artist talk on February 22 that has already been posted and the exhibition sight added. I want to.
The brochure for this exhibition, which we have been waiting for, has just started to be distributed, but I will inform you of future deliveries as soon as we understand the response after resumption. The brochure contains the exhibition scenes photographed by the exhibiting artists themselves, and there is also a mechanism for moving the image visuals (by Ms.Erika KUSUMI, Photography artist) using the app. I hope you can watch it along with everyone.

While accepting this situation, I will continue to make works so that we can exhibit the works in this museum again, and in various places without worrying about infectious diseases, so that i can meet everyone.
Again, Thank you for your understanding.

February 28, 2020
Yuuki URYU

1st edition: 00:00 February 28,2020
2nd edition: 18:30 February 28,2020
3rd edition: 20:00 March 4,2020
4th edition: 13:00 March 6,2020
5th edition: 00:00 March 14,2020
6th edition: 15:00 March 19,2020
*This page may be updated at any time as the situation changes, so please check latest information.

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