The exhibition “Cabinet of Curiosities : 151 Years of Hokkaido History” at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art ended on Sunday, March 15 2020.
In response to the spread of this novel coronavirus infection, We were forced to close the museum on Friday, February 28th, and it was really regrettable that we were going to end the exhibition without fulfilling our wish to resume, but all the artists who were able to do so together and received a lot of wonderful stimulation. We are proud to say that this exhibition was able to be created without blurring from the perspective of 150 years "+1" together with the people of the museum who made a new and bony project and gave us valuable cultural assets.
After I saw the exhibition room to the end, I said, "And what is 'Hokkaido' for you?" And, I thought that it was asked.Even as one person who lives in Hokkaido and continues his creative activities, he continues to pay attention to the future of his work theme, "Railway", while asking himself questions that do not answer, and above all, I believe in my perspective and will continue my journey.
The exhibition has been open to the public for about a month, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who came to the museum and who cared about it.Thank you very much.
As I announced the other day, I made a one-minute video of URYU's work.We will also release the full version including the audio of Gallery Talk later, so we hope you will see it.

The first exhibition at this museum was an opportunity for me to realize my long-held dream. I was able to devote myself to the production and exhibition to my heart's content, and I was able to see what I could do and what I needed to do.Therefore, a new journey became a pleasure again.
Let me take this opportunity to thank you again. Thank you to Mr.Tomokazu OSHITA and Ms.Mao MATSUYAMA of the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, as well as all the staff from curators and venue monitoring to security.I felt a lot of commitment and passion in every corner.I think that it was everyone in the hall that regretted the closure most for that.I'll make sure to exhibit it at “DOKINBI” someday. For that reason, we will continue to make good trips.
Mr.Atsushi OTOMO, Mr.Shinji KOMIYA, Mr.Keitaro OSHIMA, Ms.Boat ZHANG, and Mr.Kojiro Kobayashi (row & row), who expressed the 151st year of Hokkaido' as their respective viewpoints and connoisseurs.The sight of us standing on the path of the uninterrupted land of history, and what we can see from here, and what we see in the future, was very stimulating and suggestive for me. It became a food for further creation.In fact, we don't have everyone at the drinking party and the opening of the pre-opening party, so I'd like to see you again.There are a lot of things I want to talk about slowly.I look forward to being able to work with you somewhere, and I will do my best for that purpose.I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Erika KUSUMI, who successfully visualized the messages and motifs of this exhibition, and Mr.Yusuke MOMMA, who made it an AR. Posters, flyers, illustrations, were really attracting attention and were well received!
In this exhibition, valuable historical "physical goods" gathered from all the roads.The exhibition room was full of power that only the real thing spoke to.In my chapter on Railways, we received the full cooperation of Mikasa Railway Village and The Hokkaido Library. In addition, the fact that I was able to exhibit it with the valuable goods of the group and the company warehouse reminded me again that the scene that I had seen was an extension of the history of modern Hokkaido and the history of railways in Hokkaido, which is the 140th year of this year.
For the purpose of coverage, we took over the whole road with JR Hokkaido, Tokachi bus that traces the former railway, and the Jay Aal Hokkaido bus, which carries the heavy responsibility to replace the railway road that remains stopped by typhoon damage, along with the dream of running the railway connecting Hidaka and Tokachi.There are many things that i have to think about in order to protect an environment where people can continue to live and continue to come and go, and I also felt that it is not possible to leave it to others.I believe that each person in Hokkaido will think about "a question that cannot be answered in a single way" will lead to a better future.
And everyone who came to the museum during this difficult time.Everyone who cared about the visit even if it did not come true.Thank you very much."If you hang a picture on a white wall, it becomes a window, and that's great."The three-hour course is incredible!”…… I was really happy with each and every one of them' impressions.

As a writer who continues his journey and transmits his works from the way, we will continue to create works in various places and forms in the future.
From now on, please pay attention to the activities of Yuuki URYU, and thank you for your support!