This is an important notice regarding the solo exhibition “Journey, between the Journey” held at the hotel “HakoBA Hakodate by THE SHARE HOTELS” in the western district of Hakodate.
This exhibition will be suspended from February 12th (Fri) to March 31st (Wed), and open to the public every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. This is because the venue “HakoBA Hakodate” will be closed during this period due to a significant decrease in tourism and accommodation demand due to the spread of the COVID-19 infection.
Therefore, this exhibition will resume after the venue is reopened, and we are extending the exhibition period to June 30th(Wed)(originally until April 11 (Sun)).
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by changing the schedule, etc., but we would appreciate it if you could visit us before closing or after reopening, taking into consideration the current situation.
In addition, we are holding a web version of the exhibition with photos and videos of the venue on this website, so please enjoy it as well.

When new information comes in and is decided in the future, we will inform you from website and SNS of the venue and artist.
We look forward to your continued support.
Thank you.

(Updated on: Thu. 11 Feb.2021)