The solo exhibition “Journey, between the Journey” that I am holding at the hotel “HakoBA Hakodate by THE SHARE HOTELS” in the western district of Hakodate was temporary closed due to affected by the COVID-19 infection on Friday, February 12th. ) To March 31st (Wednesday), but The exhibition will resume on January 1st(Thursday), and the exhibition period (originally until Sunday, April 11th) will be extended to Wednesday, June 30th.
In addition, on this website, I am preparing a web version exhibition with photos and videos in the venue scheduled for April 1st, the reopening date. and, The work catalog “Window -Layered Journey-“, which also includes the works exhibited in this exhibition, is still on sale on this site. Please enjoy it together.
It may change depending on the situation in the future. In addition, please be sure to refer to the website / SNS of the venue and artist as we ask for your cooperation in infectious disease control when you come to the venue.
I apologize for any inconvenience caused by changing the schedule, but i hope that you will come and see the work until early summer.

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