The “Otaru Open-air Photo Exhibition in Former Temiya Railway”(a.k.a.”TETSURO-TEN”), which started in 2000, is held every year for two weeks at the end of August on the site of the former Temiya Line (opened in 1880 and abolished in 1985), the oldest railway in Hokkaido and the third oldest in Japan.
The ruins of an abandoned railway line lying in the city of Otaru, where the wind from the harbor and mountains and the air of the past and present meet, have been left unattended for many years, but have been redeveloped as a promenade. The venue area for this exhibition was also renovated in 2013, but the atmosphere of the past remains strong. In May 2019, the Agency for Cultural Affairs certified the complex industrial heritage of coal mines, railways, and ports in the Central Hokkaido area, including facilities such as the former Temiya Line, Otaru City General Museum, and Otaru Port Embankment, as “Japan Heritage”.
Last year it was canceled due to the difficulty of dealing with COVID-19, but this year it will be held in cooperation with both exhibitors and visitors to prevent the spread of infection, referring to various guidelines for art exhibitions and outdoor events. It was decided to do.
For 14 days, at the venue where about 600 large and small photographs by 18 artists are lined up, we devised exhibition methods such as setting up panels in the space of the abandoned railway track where rails remain, utilizing walls and trees along the line, and at night. Lighting will be installed and exhibitions will be held at all times.
The outdoor exhibition, which changes its atmosphere greatly with time, changes from moment to moment depending on the time of visit and the climate. The atmosphere will change during the two-week session.

I have been exhibiting at this exhibition continuously since 2001, and this is my 19th exhibition this year.
This is a photo exhibition that is probably the only place in the world to display photographs for over two weeks at the abandoned railway tracks every year. Whether you visit us every year or haven’t visited yet, please experience the unique space where people meet and face the city with photographs.
Currently, Otaru City is designated as a COVID-19 emergency declaration area, so there is a call for the minimization of the gather of people. Please consider visiting the venue as much as you can, and be sure to follow the requests from this exhibition, such as physical condition management and wearing masks, for your cooperation.
We are publishing the work and the exhibition scene at the same time on the special web page so that even those who do not come to the venue can see it from anywhere. You can also send us your thoughts and messages, so please take a look.
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2021 Otaru Open-air Photo Exhibition in Former Temiya Railway
[Date] Mon.30 Aug.- Sun.12 Sep. 2021 / 24 Hours Open(Until 15:00 on Final Day)
[Admission] Free
[Venue] Former Temiya Railway site
2-10 Ironai Otaru-City,Hokkaido
Near the Marine-Hall / from Otaru Station, then walking about 7mins.
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