Born in Nagano Prefecture on October 12, 1976.

When I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, I started taking pictures of trains running around the neighborhood with my pocket camera, and I started to think, “Photography is interesting.”
There is a photography club in the junior high school, and it joins the club without hesitation. I first touched manual camera “Nicomat FTN” borrowed from his grandfather and father, and studied the development of monochrome photography in the club room, and exhibited my work at the annual cultural festival exhibition. After entering high school, I was also immersed in the activities of the photography club. From around this time, I began to travel to various places by train during the summer and winter vacations.
After graduating from high school, I worked at a bookstore in Tokyo, continued to shoot, and went on a vacation trip.
At the age of 20, I spent 15 days conquering the all 46 prefectures across the nation by Japan Railway’s Local trains. and also, taking pictures of the sky.
In 1999, I set up a website, and from the following year, i continued to spell out the sky of the [today’s sky] day as a diary.

In August 2001, I participated in Open-air photo exhibition held in Otaru, Hokkaido, and began full-scale creative activities (the 19th time in 2019).
In November of the same year, I held his first solo exhibition in Tokyo. Since then, i have exhibiting at solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions once or twice a year.
Since July 2003, I’m lived in Sapporo, Hokkaido. In addition to actively producing and presenting solo exhibitions, group exhibitions, books and magazines, I also directed activities that go beyond traditional photographic expression through designs centered on photographs.
In 2007, I held a self-project “LIKE A ROAD MOVIE” with a big theme of my desire to travel, and in May, i held a solo exhibition “Thoughts on Travel” in Sapporo with Chigasaki, Kanagawa and a solo exhibition “Travel with Film” at Fujifilm Photo Salon Sapporo in November. It was held.
In 2013, I was selected as one of the fourth-stage artists of Rokkatei Confectionery(famous Hokkaido confectioner)’s cultural support activity “Rokka File”, and my works and portfolio were exhibited at Rokka Bunko in Sapporo, for one year from October of the same year.

I continues to create works on the theme of subways and trains that connect cities and people, and since 2005 he has been exhibiting my works continuously in projects such as the “500m Museum of Art” of Sapporo Art Stage in November 2005. From spring to autumn 2016, the exhibition was held at the Kita-ichijo Sapporo Historical Photo Gallery, where the opening of the Sapporo streetcar extention was held.
In addition, I have been holding a group exhibition in Sapporo/Otaru since 2008 with volunteers to create and convey the appeal of photography taken with film.

In 2014, “Continuation from The Other Side” (Sapporo Gallery New star) in March and April, “white, and” (Sapporo Gallery Inukai) in July, and “Layered Winter” in December (Sapporo Rokkatei Fukuzumi store coffee room) three solo exhibitions were held under a common concept. Each of them incorporated images and three-dimensional elements, and the exhibition was further oriented to create the entire space based on photographs.
In November 2015, I participated in “Art Fair Sapporo 2015” (Cross Hotel Sapporo) for the first time. Stand at the start line to deliver my work with a new approach. The following year, I exhibited continuously in 2017.
From April 8 to May 28, 2017, Exhibited at the Sapporo Art Exhibition “On the way to Journey” held at the Sapporo Art Museum. It was the first exhibition at the long-awaited venue and the series exhibition, which lasted more than half a century.

I will continue to pursue further activities in Hokkaido and beyond, travel with our works (announcing works in various places), and aim to receive offers from special exhibitions, etc., and to learn and absorb modern art from photography and other ways of doing things. Overseas activities and study abroad are also a major goal.
From now on, I will walk between the daily and extraordinary scenes of the earth, and continue to copy the footprints and thoughts while continuing to travel, and continue to cut them out and make them into forms.

(Updated on 5 Jan. 2020)