|06:59 It’s a brand-new day.|合成紙にインクジェットプリント|841mm×1,189mm|2018|

晩夏の小樽へ、そして『2018 小樽・鉄路・写真展』へようこそ。138年前に開業した、北海道で最も古く、日本で3番目に長い歴史を持つ鉄路、旧手宮線。この街の昔と今が一本のレールでつながる場所を舞台に開かれる野外写真展に、今年も写真を持って帰ってきました。





ウリュウ ユウキ

[ Otaru Open-air Photo Exhibition in Former Temiya Railway 2018]
The former Temiya railway was built aiming at the port, and aiming for the trip of Hokkaido from the port.
It has already been over thirty years since the abolition in 1985. Imagining the time when the train ran from the view of the present place may be difficult year by year, but when I walk the promenade that extended to the end point of the Temiya station two years ago, I can feel that it is the backbone of Otaru.
And, walking a few minutes from here you cross the canal, there is a port.

This picture was taken at 6:59 am on September 6, last year.
“TETSUROTEN(Otaru Open-air Photo Exhibition in Former Temiya Railway)” open 24 hours during the exhibition. It is the port of dawn when I came to see the view of the dawn. A ship that would have revealed the night in the port is about to leave.
What seems like a line behind the wharf is a breakwater that has kept the harbor and the city for a century. I have traveled through various port towns, but I feel that there are no other forms of breakwaters so far.
The water surface is always calm inside, but while gradually changing the expression, I make a scenery that will not change in this port.
Time and age to change, departure ship, and a traveler. The streets of Otaru will change as well. The port does not change and we are waiting here.
And again, a new day begins.

A port and a city that have met together several mornings. I think that Otaru is the city that myriad of individual travelers formed. Everyone who comes from afar from a nearby place, everyone who picks me up and sends off here is a traveler.
What kind of landscape is Otaru for you? Walk through the city, try going through places that are a bit far from bustling, please feel free.

Somewhere in this city there will be a scenery you want to convey with a picture.
Yuuki URYU

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