A happy new year.
My first exhibition of this year will be held at the hotel “HakoBA Hakodate by THE SHARE HOTELS” in Hakodate.

A hotel is a place where travelers spend their time during their journey. Isn’t the experience there going on another journey between journeys?
One of my goals was to create an exhibition based on this idea. I had an exhibition at a hotel in Sapporo last autumn, and this time I will travel with my work and exhibit it at a hotel in Hakodate.

My connection with Hakodate was triggered by the fact that I was invited to the “Hakodate Triennale 2019”, which was decided to be held the following year, at the end of the summer of 2018, and stayed there for a preview. During the session, I visited the site four times, walked around the city, and took pictures.
This hotel is a renovation of two distinctive buildings that were once used as a bank and a museum, and consists of private rooms and dormitories that take advantage of the individuality of each space. In this exhibition, 19 works including new works will be exhibited.
Open to the public every Saturday, Sunday and public holidays (only available to hotel guests on weekdays).

Although we are taking sufficient measures to prevent infectious diseases at the venue, it is still difficult for us to come, so I will be showing the exhibition scene on my website at the same time as photos and videos from the end of the exhibition period.
Please enjoy the “journey between journeys” where you, someone, and I come and go.

[Outline] Yuuki URYU Photography Exhibition “Journey, between the Journey”
Date: Mon. 11 Jan. – Thu. 11.Feb. / Thu. 1.Apr. – Wed. 31.Jun. 2021
Open to the public: Every Sat,Sun and Holidays 15:00-20:00(Last admission: 19:30)
Admission Free
(Only available to hotel guests on weekdays)
On sale for works and booklet
Venue: HakoBA Hakodate by THE SHARE HOTELS
23-9 Suehiro-cho, City of Hakodate, Hokkaido Japan
>> https://www.thesharehotels.com/hakoba/