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これからもウリュウ ユウキの活動にぜひご注目、そして応援のほど、よろしくお願いいたします!

It was the first exhibition at the Sapporo Art Museum, This exhibition was successfully completed on May 28th (Sunday) 17 o’clock, for 48 days.
We had a message from the exhibition at the museum which was a longstanding dream, and from the exhibition on the theme “On the way to the journey”, we were just letting the writers who have a variety of genres and styles, achievements That is exactly the pleasure of exhausting the author. Everyone who participated in art museums, carrying-in work, public relations publicity, etc. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us more than anything else. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the people involved in this exhibition. Thank you very much.

Memory is connected because there is a way… It is my unchanging feeling, making a work, and stance to traveling.
We opened a “window” to see the scenery on the way to the entrance into the exhibition room and at the entrance which we realized with suggestions from the museum. That is the scenery I have seen. And it was a scene for the viewer to release as a work. I am glad that some scenery has become the scenery I saw during your journey.
The journey continues. Going somewhere and coming back to our house… even if it is far or near, you can call it a trip until you reach your destination, but we will continue a long long trip while repeating it.
May your trips be rich and wonderful in the future. I also have a couple of things I saw through this exhibition. I will continue making it so that I can travel to various places with my works.
This exhibition in me continues a little more until we finish unloading (I will go to work tomorrow) and receipt, but this has ended for the moment. Thank you again.
Please continue your favors towards my activities, and thank you for your continued support!

会期……2017年4月8日(土)〜5月28日(日) 48日間 09:45~17:00 休館日……4月の月曜日(10・17・24日)

出展作家……シミー書房さん(新明史子さん・岡部 亮さん)/仙庭宣之さん/新見亜矢子さん/ニール・ハートマンさん/藤木正則さん/藤倉英幸さん/米澤卓也さん/ウリュウ ユウキ
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