Thank you for your support for Yuuki URYU’s activities.
On Monday, January 20, 2020, at 0:00 a.m.(JST), I reopened the website of URYU!

It was the first renewal in five years and nine months since April 20, 2014 (and then, it was opened on October 3 last year for 20 years!!).
I have received a this time, the design of the outline has not changed much, but we have further enhanced the activity information of the past and the future, and we have made a change to make it easier to see.

>> I have further increased the amount of recent activity information in my portfolio.
I have been able to expand the range of activities in recent years, including the exhibition at the Sapporo Art Museun in 2017, and I have posted more photos of them.
I will be exhibiting at the Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art from 25th of this month, and as i aim for a new and wide range of forms of expression, i will be able to learn more about URYU’s activities for the first time and for those who have been supporting us for a long time. We will continue to enhance it.

>> I have expanded the transmission in two languages, Japanese and English
In the past, I have published some of the English version, but as well as expanding it into my portfolio, I will publish the news in Japanese and English languages.
The top page is also available in two Japanese and English languages. From the top page of the English version, English news and a link are posted independently in the profile. The portfolio is based on the same page, but i also gave english-oriented categories to make it as easy to navigate as possible (English added article has an English title and an English category on the thumbnail of the Table of Contents page.)

>> It became easier to see than with a smartphone
Although it has already been compatible with the smartphone viewing from the renewal in 2014, the display area is slightly smaller, and intuitive movement of the menu was difficult.These are eliminated at this time.

In addition to this site, the latest information is also available on Instagram and Twitter, but there is also a link at the bottom of each page.Please see it together.

With this renewal, the logo mark of URYU posted on the site has also been renewed.
In accordance with my office “Yuuki URYU’s Creative Workshop [madokara]”, its name from this year, and its logo, i express the scenery flowing with the italicized letters of “Yuuki URYU” in the image of the window of Train, Airplane, Bus,and more.
The website is also a “window” for me. I will take in fresh light and wind from here and convey it.
URYU aims to enhance and expand activities that go beyond the field in order to expand the range of expression freely based on photography.
I will aim to be a website that tells you more widely, deeply, and in real time now.
Thank you for your continued support to Yuuki URYU.