From October 7th to 18th, 2020, we held a two-person exhibition “What can you see from there” with Mr. Kengo OSAKA at “MEDIA SHOP” in Kyoto. This time, the VR exhibition was released by Mr. Toru WATANABE of the spherical video artist unit “WATANABE-KA”.
You can see the entire gallery from 10 viewpoints. You can see a magnified view of all 19 of our works.
This VR exhibition enjoys the atmosphere of the exhibition from anywhere, keeping in mind that there are many people who have difficulty going out or visiting Kyoto as the spread of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19) infection continues to rise and fall. I was able to plan and realize it with the intention of doing so.
Of course, I think that those who come to the venue will be able to enjoy it again.
Mr. WATANABE took a picture of the exhibition that the two of us made with particular attention to detail.
Then, please enjoy this exhibition even if you have it!

[Profile of Mr. Toru WATANABE] Spherical videographer unit WATANABE-KA (Concent, Inc.)
WATANABE-KA, a spherical videographer who specializes in live-action VR video production. Under the theme of “inevitable to look around,” we plan, shoot, and produce video experiences that give viewers an immersive feeling. He also handles videos for attractions such as theme parks and content projected on dome, and also handles music videos and live performances as web videos. In addition, he is exploring the possibilities of VR experience by making full use of aerial photography using drones, underwater photography, special effects and horror. In order to popularize VR cameras, we hold photography classes for parents and children using spherical cameras and workshops for VR video production. He also teaches live-action VR in an online course at a vocational school “Digital Hollywood”.