| 「Steppin’ Loud in Winter」 | 728mm×1,030mm | 2012 |


[“Meets 2012 Winter” Poster Exhibition]
A planning competition in which a poster size artwork is solicited and set up on the stair landing at a shopping mall in Shin-Sapporo, a subcenter in the east of Sapporo.
The exhibition at staircase will be in winter, so the theme of “Step” is a rhythmical layout of the footprints left on the snowy winter road.

>> http://www.dorakue.com/event/meets2012winter/

  • 会期 | Day 2012/12/01-2013/02/28
  • 会場 | Venue 新さっぽろアークシティ サンピアザ B1F〜3F間階段踊り場(札幌) | Shin-Sapporo ARC City "Sunpiazza" (Sapporo,Hokkaido)